Exploring Kerry

Exploring Kerry

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Explore Killarney National Park: Rent a bike and cycle through the scenic beauty of Killarney National Park. Follow the trail along the lakes, passing by Ross Castle and Muckross House and Gardens. Don’t miss the stunning Torc Waterfall along the way.

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Embark on the Ring of Kerry: Start the famous Ring of Kerry drive from Killarney (the official starting point). Allow 7 to 10 hours for this scenic route, which takes you through some of Kerry’s best places, including the Skellig Ring with its stunning cliffs and Valentia Island.

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Muckross House: Admire the grandeur of this mid-19th-century mansion, originally built for philanthropists Henry Arthur Herbert and Mary Balfour Herbert. The house showcases elegant architecture and period furnishings. Roam through beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding Muckross House. Discover vibrant flower beds, serene pathways, and scenic views of the lakes and mountains.

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Killarney Golf & Fishing Club is one of Ireland’s most prestigious and historic golf venues. Nestled in Killarney National Park, it’s surrounded by the serene lakes of Lough Leane. The club boasts two 18-hole championship courses and has hosted the Irish Open six times.

Falconry Experience in Kerry:The experience involves a leisurely stroll through the meadows of a working farm, with Killarney’s famous mountain range visible in the background. A Falconry experience is family-friendly and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Initially you will be introduced to the hawk or hawks and as soon as you are comfortable, you can cast it free from your hand, with the assistance of your own personal guide.

Bond with a free flying hawk as he/she comes swooping from the old Irish oak trees to alight on your hand at your command.

Dive into the magic of Ross Castle: Ross castle perches in an inlet of Lough Leane. It is likely that the Irish Chieftain O'Donoghue Mor built it in the fifteenth Centuty.

Legend has it that O’Donoghue still slumbers under the waters of the lake. Every seven years, on the first morning of May, he rises on his magnificent white horse. If you manage to catch a glimpse of him you will enjoy good fortune for the rest of your life.

Ross Castle was the last place in Munster to hold out against Cromwell. Its defenders, then led by Lord Muskerry, took confidence from a prophecy holding that the castle could only be taken by a ship. Knowing of the prophecy, the Cromwellian commander, General Ludlow, launched a large boat on the lake. When the defenders saw it, this hastened the surrender – and the prophecy was fulfilled. 


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