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...And welcome to the 6th Killeen House Hotel Newsletter

As we prepare for our 16th Summer Season – yes, our SIXTEENTH! - may we wish you and all yours a Happy Everything for 2007 and the years ahead. We hope it’s a year for lots of old friends to come back and visit us again, and also a year when we get to make lots of new friends……

As usual, running down the left hand side of our Newsletter, you will find a lot of useful information for anyone interested in making a ‘pilgrimage’ (or even taking a vacation) to GOD’S OWN COUNTRY! And both Michael and Geraldine know the entire country pretty much better than the back of their own hands, so if you need any advice or assistance with any aspect of your trip….. ”ask and you shall receive” !

Enjoy our Newsletter




The World’s biggest and most widely recognized Hotel Review Website is to be found at www.tripadvisor.com. They seemingly list over 200.000 properties, and show in excess of 5 million reviews of these properties from independent travellers. We have always rated very well in both the Killarney and the Ireland sections of the Site

Every year, they have Awards for the top properties, in a number of different categories

To our total, complete, absolute and stunned amazement, Trip Advisor, has listed the Killeen House Hotel in the “Top 10 Hidden Gems in the World” category. (Yes, you read it right…..The World…..the entire bloody Planet…..!!)

Needless to say, Michael and Geraldine and Paul and Charlie and all the rest of the gang are really happy about this Award – but kind of intimidated too, because when you win stuff like this, it really puts you into a dirty big spotlight, which has no hiding place. You have no choice but to be the best you can be and to do the best you can do. Fortunately, we’ve been doing exactly that for the last 16 years, so we are not really all that intimidated!

(Just in case you think this is another one of Michael’s legendary leg-pulling stunts, check it out here)




Failte Ireland is Ireland’s National Tourism Authority. One of their main briefs is to provide properly trained young people to service the country’s constantly expanding Hospitality Industry.

For the second consecutive year, they have leased the Killeen House for the months of January, February and March, and turned it into a Training Centre. Currently, there are nearly 50 young people (from 9 different countries no less) doing training Courses there, and they will all be employed in the Tourism Industry from mid April onwards

Not alone is this a wonderful opportunity for the students – its also great for the Killeen House too, because it keeps the old joint, heated and occupied at a time when it would otherwise be costing Michael and Geraldine an absolutely bloody fortune to be maintaining it!


A wise old saying has it that there are only two types of people in the World: those who are Irish and those who wish they were Irish!

And as everyone and his wife knows, March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day - the day that we all come together and celebrate Ireland and all things Irish. It’s also a kind of special day for Michael and Geraldine in that it’s her birthday, so they always have an extra incentive (even excuse!) to celebrate

This year, for the first time since they got married away back in 1984, they will be apart – and no, its not because she got wise to him and dumped him…..!! He got the most unique invitation he ever got in his entire life (and its also one of the greatest honours of his entire life) for March 17th

Michael Joseph Patrick Rosney is to be this year’s Grand Marshal of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is actually the 5th largest Parade in the entire United States of America!

To say he is looking forward to it is a large understatement – already he has embarked on an intense physical and psychological training regime, to ensure he will do the best possible justice that he can do to such a wonderfull honour. A full report (with non-embarrassing pictures!) will appear in our next Newsletter



The known World’s greatest Web Master, Sean Clifford (www.consultclifford.com) is currently in the process of doing an extreme makeover on our Website. Michael and Geraldine are extremely happy with the site, but like everything else in life, they know there’s always room for improvement.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas about how it can be made better or more useful and customer-friendly for you, the user, we would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us - CLICK HERE



Lots of our friends have thankfully included us on their regular mailing lists, and send us all kinds of interesting, funny and unusual items

Here’s a small sample of a few we have recently received

  • This one has us totally baffled! If anyone can understand how its done, please put us out of our misery, and let us know - CLICK HERE
  • Finally, a logical explanation of the golf swing that breaks it down into its simplest form. Guaranteed to take 10 shots off your handicap instantly - CLICK HERE
  • Even the most civilized of us can be forgiven for uttering a naughty word if the situation calls for it CLICK HERE
  • For a good old fashioned belly laugh, this one is hard to beat - CLICK HERE
  • This piece by Robin Williams in without doubt the funniest ever explanation about the invention of Golf. (If you’re the sensitive type, don’t even think about looking at it!) CLICK HERE



While checking through lost property at the end of the Season, we came across a golf cap with the logo of a golf course called Corral de Tierra Country Club on it

Inside the cap was Velcro’d a neat little plastic wallet with a note inside it. And written on the note were a number of bullet points clearly designed to remind its wearer of the right swing thoughts to have. On one side of the note was the following list;

Align shoulders…..
Deliberate back…..
Internal rotations…..
Drop hands (inside relaxed)…..
Roll wrists…..
Follow through…..

On the flip side of the note was;

Shoulders down – chest out…..
Extend left 1-2-3…..
Right shoulder back…..
Torso turn, hinge…..
Lock at hip…..
Right bicep…..

We are curious as to whether the cap’s owner is off a handicap closer to 3 than 30 – what do you think?

Michael figures he’s off around 3, because if he was off 30, then his last bullet point would have been to “be sure to hit the ***** ball…….!!!)

(If you happen to be the owner and since losing the cap your drive has gone to Hell in a hand basket – drop us a line and we’ll get it back to you!)



We had hoped that we might complete our Newsletter without mentioning that little Golf Competition that took place in the K Club last September - but unfortunately its not to be….!
A bottle of one of Ireland’s (and therefore the World’s) finest whiskeys, Midleton Very Rare, will be presented to the person who completes the following sentence in the funniest or most original manner

'Europe (with 3 Irishmen on the Team)
won the 2006 Ryder Cup because....'

Please fill in your entry HERE. You have until February 28th to do it.
All answers will be displayed on our Website and the winner will announced in our next Newsletter – hopefully around the middle of the year
Best of luck!


Thanks for reading our Newsletter and we hope you enjoyed it!

If you are thinking about taking a trip to GOD’S OWN COUNTRY in 2007 and would like to make a general enquiry about either the country in general, or about staying here with us in the Killeen House, please just click on the link below and fill in your query

We would be delighted to hear from you and to help and advise you in any way that we can - CLICK HERE

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