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13 Years in the Making
Facelifts and millions!
What we all did..
2.The Killeen
4.Biggest Award of ALL IRELAND THIS YEAR
Bush is coming !!
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2004 is the year that Killarney celebrates it's 250th year of welcoming Tourists to the Kingdom of Kerry To celebrate this momentous event, a number of great activities have been planned to take place right through the year by the people of the Town. Read all about it at www.killarney250.com


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Hi there ,

...and welcome to the first ever Killeen House Hotel Newsletter
We figure that since we are facing in to our 13th - yes, THIRTEENTH!!! - Season here in the Killeen House, that it was time to start communicating properly with all our Guests (past and future!) and friends (hopefully forever!) by means of this Newsletter
Back in late 1991, we drove past the Killeen House and it just grabbed us by the scruff of the neck and shouted right into our faces "BUY ME"!!!
So, on April 2nd 1992, having mortgaged ourselves up to the top of our heads, turned one of our best friends into a money lender, and totally fooled a gullible Bank Manager, we opened the Killeen House Hotel. We opened as a one star property, with 15 bedrooms, 22 dining room places, and a bucketful of dreams. All these years later, we now we have 3 stars, 23 bedrooms, ROZZERS 50 seater fine dining restaurant, and one of the 'funnest' Pubs in Ireland!! (And we have a dream or 2 left in the old bucket as well!!)
We like to think that, deep down, we are still the same place that we started out as. And that's the place, in the words of a famous Boston Pub, "where everybody knows your name"! It's still Geraldine & Michael's place, and it's still the place where their only objective is to send everybody home grinning from ear to ear!
We are launching ourselves on an unsuspecting World Public for the 2004 Summer Season on Friday April 9th, and plan on running right through to the last week in October.
Thankfully, the High Season of May 1 through September 30 is shaping up to be the best we have experienced in the last few years. And for this we have no-one to thank more than all those of you who are visiting us, re-visiting us, re-re-visiting us, and telling all your friends and colleagues to check us out at www.killeenhousehotel.com!!!
If any of you plan to travel and be in Ireland's Southwest, especially during the months of April and October, we would be delighted to extend some REALLY special deals to you! Just e-mail us at charming@indigo, mentioning this newsletter, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!
We hope you enjoy our first attempt at a Newsletter and we are not in any way adding to the curse of 'spam' in your lives. At the bottom of the newsletter, you have the choice to "unsubscribe" from future Newsletters (Issue 2 due in March of 2017 !!!) or "pass on to a friend" Please do the latter rather than the former!
All the best, Geraldine & Michael

KERRY GOLF UPDATE - Facelifts and millions!!!!
A number of Golf Courses throughout the area have done major work over the winter period. Waterville in particular has undergone a major facelift, at a cost of millions, and overseen by some guy called Tom O'Fazio. Tralee has been especially busy too, making a lot of alterations to some greens and fairways. Listed above in the Links section you can get website details for all the major Courses in the area, along with other useful information

Normally, when the Killeen House closes for the winter period, all the Staff go out on a massive night out (most common comment about that night is '5th Amendment!!)
But for some reason, a lot of us got real active and busy with different things over the winter just gone by, just to pass away the boring and long winter nights.

  • Geraldine is the 2004 President of SKAL International Kerry, SKAL is a World-wide body (like Rotary or Lions) composed of Tourism & Travel professionals
  • Michael , in a fit of madness, got himself elected as this year's Chairman of the local chapter of our National Hotel's Federation, the IHF
  • Cathal McAvoy (or Charlie , as most of us call him), after 4 long years of nagging from all of us, has finally been persuaded to go to Galway and enrol in a 4 year Hotel Management Course. We are all absolutely delighted for him - and the good news is that he will be back in the Killeen House from the end of May until early October
  • But it was our Head Chef, Paul O'Gorman , who "really did the divil on it" as they say over here!! After about 61 years and 47 failed attempts, he finally went off and got himself married in November. The beautiful Ms Breda O'Donoghue of Kenmare, was finally worn down, and graciously consented to becoming Mrs Paul O'Gorman of Aghadoe, Killarney! The Stag party took place in Galway, and all who attended were later informed that they had a wonderful time !!
  • Only Mary Golden , everybody's favourite Assistant Manager, managed to maintain some form of normality over the winter! She is still very much the same Mary that we all know and love so well, and she is already back in harness here in the Killeen House, in the run-up to opening, busily ordering us all around the place!!
We all look forward to welcoming old and new friends back to the Killeen House. And even if you won't be back this year or next, you can still keep in contact with us by sending us a message via the GUESTBOOK section of our Website at www.killeenhousehotel.com
AWARDS .....

At their recent Convention in the Dominican Republic, the International Golf Tour Operators Association (IGTOA) voted Ireland to be the 2004 International Golf Destination of the Year. High praise indeed from the biggest Golf Tour Operator's Association in the World. Read all about it at www.golf.ireland.ie

The Gilbey's Awards of Excellence in Tourism are considered by many to be the Oscars of Ireland's Tourism Industry. In December, at a glitzy Event in Dublin, Geraldine & Michael were presented with the Gilbey's Award of Excellence in the 3 star Hotel Category. We were honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious Award

Every year, Ireland's biggest Tour Operator, CIE International Tours, presents a series of Awards to members of the Irish Tourism Industry, with whom their Clients have had dealings. This particular Award Scheme is voted upon strictly by the Clients, and no one else. And CIE dealt with in excess of 400 Hotels throughout Ireland.
The Killeen House won CIE International's 2003 Award for the best Hotel Dinner in Ireland. We are tremendously proud of this accolade, and we invite you to come see why CIE's Clients have honoured us with this Award - ROZZERS

……..is the award of confidence so many of our repeat Guests confer on us by choosing to return and spend their valuable time and money (for which we thank you!) with us here in the Killeen House, rather than in the buckets of other places they could have chosen.
And to those former Guests who tell their friends and relatives that when they go on vacation to Ireland, that they JUST HAVE TO STAY with the gang in the Killeen House
For this massive award of confidence, we are truly grateful - and we thank each and every one of you most sincerely for your faith and trust in us!

There's are lots of interesting things happening in Ireland this year, but there are 2 that we think are particularly interesting

It has been announced that President Bush is scheduled to make his first ever visit to Ireland on June 25th to attend a US - EU Summit Meeting. Unfortunately, due to a prior booking from a group of Golfers from Atlanta, we will not be in a position to offer him accommodation here in the Killeen House AGAIN! Anyway, Geraldine was less than impressed with the idea of all those guys hiding behind the rose bushes in our garden. And 800 people for breakfast each morning might be a bit too much to handle, even for our exceptional Staff!

On Monday March 29th, Ireland became the first country in Europe on Monday to impose an outright ban on smoking in workplaces.
Supporters say they prevent passive smoking, encourage smokers to quit and prevent people taking up the habit, while opponents argue they damage business and are ineffective.

Latest News : The country’s main opposition party spokesman was so incensed by the law, that he flagrantly broke it by ‘lighting up’ inside Leinster House, the seat of the government. He was instantly dismissed from his position and is facing a fine of EURO 3000.00 for breaking the law!!!

For all the Killeen Customers who enjoy their cigarettes and Cuban cigars, that we will be providing an outdoor facility for you! More on the smoking Ban >>
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