Enjoy and appreciate the wondrous masterpiece of Nature that is Killarney.
Welcome to the Killeen House Hotel

 In 1992 Michael and Geraldine Rosney purchased the Killeen House Hotel. Having had extensive experience in the hospitality industry, they had no doubts about the attractions the property had to offer. 'A charming little hotel' describes the style and character of this unique little gem set in 1.5 acres of beautifully manicured gardens and a 10-minute drive from downtown Killarney. Originally built as the rectory of Archdeacon Nathaniel P. Foresters in 1838, it was entirely renovated in 1990/91. The hotel now offers all the charm and elegance one would associate with an early 19th century home, coupled with the comfort and convenience of the modern age. The hotel has recently undergone a major renovation. Killeen House now comprises of 23 en suite bedrooms, eight of which are to a deluxe standard.

Ever since Queen Victoria came to Killarney a package holiday back in the middle of the last century, the place has evolved into the stuff of myth and legend. "Heaven's reflex", "beauty's home", "the place that God made when he was in good humour" ... better wordsmiths than us have already said it all. Just enjoy and appreciate the wondrous masterpiece of nature that is Killarney. In the old Gaelic it's 'Cill Airne', which translates into 'the church of the sloe berries'.

 (And no, we don't know what sloe berries look like, taste like, where you can get them, or how much they cost!)

. Welcome to the Killeen House Hotel