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Killeen House Hotel • Killeen House Hotel & Rozzers Restaurant, V93 WR04. Aghadoe , Lakes of Killarney, Co Kerry (Ireland) • Tel.: +353 64 66 31711 •

The Rosneys

Geraldine Rosney, aka “The Lady G”

A native of county Galway, Geraldine learned the hospitality trade from an early age from her mother, a well-known Bed & Breakfast owner. Geraldine went on to study hospitality in college and worked for the Great Southern Hotel Group. Here she met and married Michael Rosney and they went on to buy the Killeen House Hotel in 1992.

While Michael has retired, Geraldine is still the heart and soul of Killeen House Hotel & Rozzers Restaurant. She takes great pride in looking after all her guests and her staff. She is passionate about her industry and, in what little free time she has, she sits on the board of Trustees of Muckross House who work in partnership with the State to manage the preservation of the heritage of Muckross House in particular, as well as the History and Folklife of Kerry. She played an important role in welcoming Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles on a state visit to Killarney in 2018. They received no special treatment from “The Lady G” because as far as she is concerned, everybody receives a Royal welcome when they come to Killarney! 

Michelle Rosney, aka “The Daughter”

Growing up there was no doubt in Michelles mind as to what she wanted to be when she grew up… She wanted to be just like her mother! Seeing Geraldine looking glamorous as she went off to work, Michelle insisted on working in Killeen House Hotel from an early age… but it was far from glamorous! Scrubbing pots and pans and emptying ashtrays were just some of the job duties on her first day. 

After attending Shannon College for Hotel Management, Michelle spent a number of years working in the events industry in Dublin before returning home in 2018 to work for the Lady G. 

She is still in the midst of her 10-year probation period but so far so good!

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