The Killeen House Team

In the 15 years the Killeen House Hotel has been in operation we have had the luck of having had a great team around us every year. A rarity in the industry, all of our team members have remained with us for at least 5 years. It is this fine team of people that we must thank for all the amazing awards we have received over the years.

Michael "The Boss" & Geraldine "The Real Boss" Rosney

Geraldine and Micheal Rosney acquired the Killeen House Hotel in 1992. Having worked in the Irish hotel industry their entire adult lives - and having made all their mistakes at other hotel's expense! - they decided they wanted their own place. They sold everything they had to raise the purchase price (except their 3 children, who failed to attract a sufficiently high bid!). Since that time, they have invested a serious amount of blood, sweat, tears, and a gullible Bank Manager's money, into upgrading and developing the joint.

Paul O'Gorman - The Chef

Paul joined us here in the Killeen House in 1997 as Head Chef and has been part and parcel of the place ever since. He is a pretty unique Chef in many ways, most importantly, he is devoid of both ego and temper !!! In all our years together, he has never flung a cleaver in anger, throttled an aspiring young trainee, or even slipped a dose of laxative into a grumpy Guest's soup!

The rest of the Team will appear here soon...

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