The Golder Trekker Scheme

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Its not too often (in fact, its never!) that I stand on the rooftops and sing the praises of the Irish Government or any of its many Agencies....! But hats off to them and heartiest congratulations to them on a fantastic initative that they launched on St Patrick's Day.


The Golden Trekker scheme is available to any overseas tourist to Ireland, aged 66 years or over. And it entitles them to FULLY FREE TRAVEL anywhere on the (Government owned) railway network in the Republic of Ireland. What is more, its easy to access, with just the minimum amount of details required. See all about this scheme HERE. Hopefully it will lead to many new tourists coming to Ireland and enjoying the unique and wonderful place that it is.

this whole scheme came about as a result of a lovely gentlman called Tom O'Leary, who lives just outside killarney, and who works for CIE (the railway company), and who thought that all the free seats could be used to help develop Tourism. He contacted me (in my capacity of PRO of the local Kerry Hotel's Federation) and told me all about his idea. I was blown away at the genius and simplicity of the idea, and passed it up the ladder to the National Hotel's Federation. they in turn lobbied the Government, and thankfully they ran (or railed??) with the idea, and now it has become a reality. Well done Tom! The Irish tourism Industry salutes you and thanks you for your great idea!

Now, is there anyone else out there with some more brilliant ideas? if so, dont keep them to yourself......

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1) Megan Carroll said 3 years ago:

Even if the roads have improved somewhat in Ireland the last decade, driving in Ireland is still hazardous and scary off the beaten track with all the narrow highways and roads. Therefore this is a great move from the Irish - well done ! I'm sure ther

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